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Join Mike Green, CEO of Dimension Trader, for an introduction to their new Flowmaster Plus trading workspace. Dimension Trader’s Ranger Package includes over 50 indicators, as well as the Easy Trader Plus workspace and Flowmaster. This event will include a...

Bringing Market Structure to Life | November 04, 2021

There is a real problem plaguing traders today: information overload. With so many trading systems and other shiny objects out there, how do you decide what to focus on? Join Mark Sedlak, founder of Trade by the Numbers, and learn...

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How to Keep Decisions Ahead of the Market | October 21, 2021

We have never had to work through trading decisions with more distractions: political and social uncertainty, the urgency to make...

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Four Simple Trade Setups & How to Build a Trading Playbook | October 14, 2021

Are you struggling with consistency as a trader? Do you have difficulty knowing when to enter and exit the market?...

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The New 1ClickChartDOM: Positioning with Multiple Micro Contracts | October 07, 2021

Current market conditions – and the advent of Micro Futures contracts – require a faster, more intuitive trade entry DOM...

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Optimization of NinjaTrader Strategies for Prop Firm Trading | September 30, 2021

Join John Santos, founder of Zoom in Profit Algo System, for a discussion of prop firm trading. Learn how to...

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