Using Volume as a Leading Indicator


Date: February 28, 2019

Presenter: Randy Lindsey

Company: Hawkeye Traders

Join Randy Lindsey, CEO of Hawkeye Traders, and learn why volume is the foundation for all price action. Follow the direction of the market using price action and volume to lead the way. Remove emotion from trading and instill confidence in your trade decisions by learning how to use volume trading methods.

See Hawkeye Traders’ previous webinar, Identify Market Direction Using Volume & Price.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • Learn the importance of volume in your trading
  • Understand volume and price interactions
  • See how to use volume with traditional indicators
  • Discover Volume Price Analysis
  • Find out why volume is the key

About Randy Lindsey

For nearly 20 years, Randy Lindsey has been using his expertise to trade the markets with a focus on stocks, stock options, day-trading indices and Forex. After meeting Nigel Hawkes at one of his seminars in 2005, Randy began using the Hawkeye Indicators which quickly became instrumental in his success as a trader. Randy joined Hawkeye in 2009 and is now CEO of one of the world’s leading trading system companies – Hawkeye Traders.


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