How to Build a Market Scanner

Remek! Trading Systems

Date: June 27, 2024

Presenter: Ferenc Meszaros

Company: Remek! Trading Systems

Ferenc shows how to build an effective market scanner using NinjaTrader 8’s Market Analyzer. With this tool, traders will be able to monitor any number of markets efficiently. This tool uses quantitative tools to ensure objectivity and makes trading easier with sound and email alarm functionality, as well. Both standard NinjaTrader indicators and four of Remek!’s indicators are used as building blocks to build this market scanner. 

Watch to learn how you can use NT8’s power to make your trades easier, healthier and more efficient!

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • How to monitor markets with ease using NT8
  • How to decide what building blocks to use
  • The building blocks
  • Let’s build it!

About Ferenc Meszaros

Ferenc brings his decade-long banking software project experience and 15 years of daily trading to Remek. He started building his own algorithmic trading strategies in 2005. He focuses on capturing in software code what matters: Human behavioral patterns under conditions of reward and risk.  

Ferenc holds an MBA and an MSc in IT from Central European University, and a teaching degree from the University of Toronto. As Visiting Lecturer at Central European University, Ferenc has taught Financial Trading Design and Technology in the Master of Science in Business Analytics and the Master of Science in Finance programs. His research interests focus on the study of crowd behavior as it applies to financial markets. Ferenc lives in New Brunswick and Toronto, and visits Budapest whenever he can.


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