Insights Into the Mind of a Market Wizard

High Performance Trading

Date: August 08, 2024

Time: 4:30 pm ET

Presenter: Mandi Rafsendjani

Company: High Performance Trading

Over the past five years, High Performance Training’s Mandi Rafsendjani has taken a dive deep into lifelong trader Linda Bradford Raschke’s mindset to understand what it took for this market wizard to build a successful career as one of the world’s best traders. 

In this special event, Rafsendjani will share some of Raschke’s key insights and how every trader can adapt them to build their own successful trading career.

In this session, the following topics will be covered:

  • What kind of mindset allowed Raschke to become one of the world’s best traders?
  • How did Raschke overcome her trading challenges?
  • How did Raschke develop her trading methodology with an edge?

Special Offer for Attendees:

$100 off High Performance Training’s Winning Trader’s Mindset course, starting July 15

About Mandi Rafsendjani

Mandi Rafsendjani is an active DAX trader and trader performance and mindset coach specializing in the essential parts of trading decisionmaking. By understanding how a trader makes their best decisions, she empowers her clients to improve their performance. Her unique approach has had remarkable success with institutional clients, hedge funds, prop traders, and private individuals.

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