Easy Automation for Price Action Setups That Improve Your Trading Consistency

Steve Wheeler, NaviTrader

Date: July 25, 2024

Time: 4:30 pm ET

Presenter: Steve Wheeler, Trader, Coach and Systems Developer

Company: NaviTrader

Would you like to improve your trading consistency while also simplifying your trading? Don’t let emotional trading and chart confusion rule you. Chart “overkill” can cause you to make emotional trading decisions that don’t end well.  

Attend this webinar to learn how to quickly pinpoint market direction with volume-momentum-price action using minimal indicators with built-in powerful algorithms and systematic trade management. See how to consistently identify the big moves before they happen, and discover techniques to help you improve your trading consistency. 

In this session, the following topics will be covered:

  • See how to use volume-momentum-price analysis to easily identify market direction and reversals
  • Discover how to simplify your trading and catch the big moves with lower risk
  • Find out how to trade real-time auto-setup strategies incorporating supply and demand
  • Learn the #1trading scalping strategy 
  • Get top tips to help you pass funded trading tests

Special Offer for Attendees:

Attend to get these complimentary must-have trader tools to help you improve your trading right away: 

  • Top trading breakout strategies for day traders  
  • Day trader secrets to capturing the big moves  
  • Step-by-step risk management guide to help you calculate your risk along with the positive expectancy formula  
  • Three-part professional trader checklists: pre-trade, during trade, post-trade  
  • Professional trading plan guide and worksheet 
  • 40+ hours of virtual trading lessons 
  • Complimentary attendance in our live market room ($200 value)  

About Steve Wheeler, Trader, Coach and Systems Developer

Steve Wheeler has been trading and investing for over 30 years. He is the developer of the Automator, Trendicator, and TradeFinder market tools as well as several fully automated trading systems that he uses personally on a daily basis.  

Wheeler has authored many publications on trading and has trained and coached traders all over the world. With a passion for trading, goal achievement, and living life to the fullest, he is always willing to assist his fellow traders. He is an honors graduate from the University of Wisconsin and graduate school at the University of Minnesota. He was a CPA before becoming a full-time trader.

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