Display's day (session) based Value Area Profile info for the day's that include a few bars on the screen. For intra-day use.

Version 7.0 - NT7 conversion of dValueArea. See previous posting for usage notes.
Version 7.0.1 - Added "UseSessTemplate" override to replace session start/length times from templates.
Version 7.0.2 - Added "ZOrder Put Behind". When True will disable ZOrder and attempt to put behind other objects. If re-set to False, will allow ZOrder but you may have to manually set it to get it back in front.
v7.0.3 - 4/07/10 - Added Combined Range Mapping of visable screen or Combo's of Days (merged MDay's features). Added / Changed these inputs...
- ScreenMapType - 0=daily(daily maps), 1=screen(whatever is on screen), 2=combine days (uses PreviousSessions to determin # of days to combine)
- PreviousSessions - # of days to add to today's activity when ScreenMapType = 2. 0 = today only, 1 = today and yesterday.
- ShowDailyPlots - if true will show daily plot lines (regardless of ScreenMapType).
* ShowEvolvingPOC's - added type 3 = Extended lines (full screen display of evolving lines in combo modes)
* increased TotalSlots Maximum to 1000 (combo's probably need more slots for larger ranging)
** combo maps will include pre-sessions if part of chart display. Plot lines still exclude pre-sessions.
v7.0.4 - 4/20 - Slot Min. Height now allows a Zero setting. 0 = Auto... smooths out slots vertically to eliminate gaps and overwrites. POC and VA calcs. may be 1/2 tick higher in this mode, when TotalSlots is combining ticks.

v7.0.5 - 4/21 - Added -1 (Auto Separated) input to SlotMin.Height. It seperates map slots by 1 pix. Also Centered map/slots when program is combining ticks and SlotMin.Height < 1 (changes calc's a little).

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NinjaTrader Version 7
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