Hello Traders, there are certain time slots during the day where the volatility increases. This could be due to news releases at certain times or institutional adjustments after the 'morning meetings'. This indicator is a modification of the ATR indicator that makes the average of the ATR 1 (range of one candle) and allows you to set how many candles back to evaluate. For simplicity the candles in the pic are set to 60minutes and the 4 instances of ATRback are set to look back 23, 46, 69, and 92 candles ( 1,2,3,4 trade days back) so you can spot the time slots where the range of the 1 hour candles tend to increase. Another application might be to set the lookback in intervals of a week, so you would be looking at that day of the week 1,2,3,4,weeks back.

This indicator has worked on several instances of NT 8 and several bar types. It was exported using NT8 v14.2

Let me know how it works for you...

Trade Well...


Created By bobc635
NinjaTrader Version 8
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Create Date 07/22/2018
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