Al Brooks Bars

This indicator can be used to help learn the Al Brooks "bar system". It finds and labels H, L, Outside, and Inside bars.

- H/L Bars:

Finds and labels "H" and "L" bars with a text letter above the candle.

(does not count bars/'ll have to do your own counting for L1 L2...H1 H2 etc.)

- Inside Bars:

Finds and flags "Inside Bars"....

(brackets the candle with Up triangle and Down triangle).

- Outside Bars:

Finds and flags "outside Bars"....default prints "O" at high and low of bar. Change setting to 'true' and the indicator will try to calculate either H or L for the outside bar value for you based on prior candle.

Color of text and triangle flags is completely configurable, as is the Font size/type, and 'offset spacing from the candle for text.

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NinjaTrader Version 7
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Create Date 01/27/2011
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