A mahTrendGRaBer V2

A mahTrendGRaBer V2

This is a new Revision 2 of the 'A mahTrendGRaBer' for NT8, originally written by aligator for NT7 and published free on Futures.IO (Later it was pirated by a 3rd party vendor and sold as part of a package)

I wrote this indicator based on a chart setup idea discussed by Raghee Horner during a Traders' Expo in Las Vegas in 2011. She used the setup for trading currency pairs, however It can be applied to any instrument. Although this indicator is very simple, it is very powerful when used correctly. The indicator is a trend following setup that will keep one out of choppy markets and on the right side of the trend.

Credit to Raghee Horner (at former IBFX) for introducing the RGaB setup. It is helpful to watch one of Raghee's old YouTube seminars on IBFX (if still available) to understand how this indicator is applied.

Revision 2 Notes:

NT 7 Version 1.0, October 07, 2011
NT 8 Version 1.1, September 06, 2018

NT8 Version 2.0 , April 24, 2021
- Optional shading of the EMA's Region.
- Optional removal of EMA High and Low bands.
- Optional candle outline to show up/down candles - Although not really needed.
- Draw Buy/Sell arrows filtered based on direction of the RMI indicator for best signals.
- Optional Historical Buy/Sell arrows.
- Publicly exposed Buy/Sell signals for Market Analyzer and for use in Strategies.

Exported using: 64-bit

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NinjaTrader Version 8
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Create Date 09/06/2018
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