How Professional Traders Provide Liquidity for Urgent Exiting Traders


Date: June 07, 2018

Presenter: Adam Fiske

Company: The Trading Practice

The Trading Practice Intraday-Trading Room focuses on real-time trades that identify when price movement is likely due to the combination of supply/demand imbalances and urgent exiting traders. Adam Fiske, Founder of The Trading Practice shares concepts and methods implemented in his trading room on a daily basis in this introductory event.

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In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • Discover how most market participants don’t trade directionally.
  • Learn how to become a liquidity provider to traders on the wrong side of emotion-fueled price movement.
  • Debunk myths about trading, through a robust trading approach accessible to the retail trader.

About Adam Fiske

Adam Fiske holds a degree in Financial Planning, is an ASX Derivatives Advisor Level 1 & 2, and accredited Foreign Exchange General Advisor. Having actively traded and managed wholesale client investment portfolios, Adam left traditional stockbroking in 2010 to pursue intra-day trading. Working with proprietary trading firms, he learned how to view the market as an auction, recognizing the combination of urgent exiting traders and an imbalance in supply and demand lead to price movement. Today, Adam is simultaneously trading and operating an ASIC regulated live trading room providing market prep and real-time trade opportunities. Adam also makes himself available for exclusive one-on-one coaching to a limited number of clients.


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