Easy Trader System with Markers Plus Automation

Date: August 25, 2022

Time: 4:30 pm ET

Presenter: Mike Green

Company: Dimension Trader

Join Mike Green, CEO of Dimension Trader, as he presents their Easy Trader System, which has been working consistently for over 20 years. Additionally, get an introduction to Markers Plus integration with the signature RangerPlus Software Suite.

Dimension Trader’s system includes:

  • Consistent and clear signals
  • Preconfigured workspaces to get you started immediately
  • Five complete trading modules
  • The “Markers Plus” fully-automatic order entry system
  • Over 50 indicators to create custom workspaces

Special Offer for Attendees:

Stay tuned for a special offer from Dimension Trader!

About Mike Green

Mike Green is the founder and CEO of Dimension Trader LLC. His goal is to develop software that helps the average trader improve their consistency. He has been a full-time trader himself since 2002.

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