Price Action Oder Entry V4.2

Order Entry / Management Buttons for Ninja Trader 8.

Main Features:

Enter trade options:
-At the break of the High or Low of the previous candle,
-At the break of the Close of the previous candle,
-Submit Market Order.

Uses the last closed candle(Previous Candle) to calculate the following:
-Share size,
-Stop loss,
-Profit Target based on R:R level

Other Functions / User selected options:
-Will Auto set Breakeven (Different options available)
-Will Auto trail stop (Different options available)

A bunch of new requested features have been added:

>NEW< V4.2 Specific Updates video is here:

If you've never used these buttons before. Please watch these videos first:

V4.0 - Goes over all Parameters:
V4.1 - Goes over the 4.1 Updates:

New features for Version 4.2 Include:

-Offset can now be adjusted with Ticks

-Ability to enter trades using Limit orders

-Ability to choose a predetermined amount of shares/contracts rather than using the auto calculation feature

-2 Separate profit targets for your position. Split by percentage

-New button added that will toggle your Fib Retracement tool. Requires configuration. See Video

Bug Fixes include:

-Order Submitted once price touches Entry Line rather than having to pass the Entry Line

-Issue with Breakeven with Offset not working has been resolved

-No longer requires a Playback option.
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