(new NT7 indicator) Chandes Trendscore

The Chandes Trendscore indicator was created by member forum member Elliot Wave in this thread

Description: TrendScore was described by Tushar Chande in the September 1993 edition of 'Stocks & Commodities' magazine.The TrendScore attempts to make a quantitative and qualitative determination of the direction and strength of a market trend by comparing the current close price to previous close prices over the last 20 periods. Interpretation: The TrendScore indicator oscillates between +1 and -1. A +1 reading indicates a strong uptrend is underway. A -1 reading indicates a strong downtrend is underway. Readings above 0 suggest an upward trend of varying strength and readings below 0 suggest a downward trend of varying strength.

Created By NinjaTrader_PaulH
NinjaTrader Version 7
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Create Date 05/17/2019
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