IKYP – I’ll Keep You Posted from VPS with AntiSpam

Having a bunch of strategies in a VPS running while you are busy with something else is not the most relaxing thing ever. You know, if something could go wrong, it will.
IKYP - I'll Keep You Posted - is a strategy written to send short messages including basic informations on trading progress, on a regular basis. Moreover, it implements a smart AntiSpam composition method to reduce the risk to be black listed by AI-based antiSPAM filters.

Ninjatrader comes with the possibility to configure so-called share services, email in particular, that can be used as a "whatchdog" service to improve the user feeling even when a connection to the VPS is not possible. This process is not complex by itself but it becomes more and more messy when you start sending mail. I'm not the only one experiencing up and down days, some smoothly working, some other absolutely not, with no apparent reason.
Public mail servers like gmail, yahoo, etc. implement AI-based anti-spam filters. This is something barely not documented, for obvious reasons. But, as a matter of fact, trading report emails are simply too similar to each other, with no natural language in them, the same title, only numbers in it, etc.. They can be easily recognized as spam, in particular if your email rate is high, say, more than one per hour. In some kind of erratic way, after a dozen of email, the email server starts rejecting your messages. At least for some days.

How it works:
This strategy is intended to keep VPS user informed on a regular basis about trading progress of running algos . IKYP sends an email every time a change in account balance is detected with a sampling time of 5 minutes (recommended rate). A mail is anyway sent every 2 hours even if the account balance is unchanged, to keep user informed that both NT & VPS are running.
The account balance is resumed in the mail title, open and closed trades are listed inside the mail body. Title text is randomly changed to reduce the spam ranking assigned by most of mail servers filters to chain of quite similar emails.

How to use it:
Edit email and account name in strategy parameters
Select a running instrument (MES in example)
Recommended timeframe is 5 minutes
Enable the strategy in the strategy tab

IKYP requires a sharing service properly configured in NT8

Created By BERN Algos
NinjaTrader Version 8
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Create Date(s) 11/16/2022
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