Green/Red Inside Bar Color

Update to the Color Inside Bar Indicator. Combines all my previous indicators into one.
Has color and alert feature for inside bars.

New Features:
-Color Flash Alert over the latest inside bar that has formed.

-Volume alert over the latest inside bar that has formed.

-Can use Market Analyzer to keep track of current inside bars forming.(Requires set up - see video linked!)

Video for how the new features work and how to set up the Market Analyzer alert can be found here:

Older version Features (Still present):
-Different color for 'green' and 'red' inside bars.

-Updates in real time.

-Can set offset to allow price to come outside the High or Low of the previous candle by a preset amount <IF> the user chooses.
(Based on user selection of 'Price', 'Percentage' or both)

Older video explaining Offset Functionality can be found here:

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Create Date 08/19/2022
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