Color Regions

- exported using NT (64-bit)
- bug fix: NT8 crashes during the process of resetting chart background color back to null (when local time reaches the "End Time").

- exported using NT (64-bit)
- If you had a previous version installed, please remove it from the "DocumentsNinjaTrader 8binCustomIndicatorsdownloaded" folder
as this version now resides in the "TG" folder/namespace along with the other indicator scripts I've coded.
- Added an additional "warning" color region to give visual aid to let you know the original time range is about to start/end
- Optimized some code to reduce overhead

A quick and easy way to conditionally change chart background colors based on the time of day.

- "Start Time" can be set to a time that is later in the day than the "End Time".
- Toggle between coloring only the price panel or all panels.
- Manually set the color opacity to your liking.
0.0 = fully transparent
1.0 = fully filled

Created By gubbar924
NinjaTrader Version 8
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Create Date 05/07/2018
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