This indicator will write all of the chart's historical bar data and indicator data to a CSV type file that can then be imported into a spreadsheet.

To use this indicator, add it to a chart and (critical) wait until all indicators have finished reloading (no longer shows (Calculating...)). Click the green button in the upper right corner of the chart and write the data. When the data has been written the button will change color to gold and will show the word Done. Also, on the lower left of the price chart, text has been added to advise the range of data written and the file name and location. It will also advise removing the indicator ChartToCSV from the chart to finally close the CSV file. Once the indicator is done, no further data is written to the file so you should remove the indicator from the chart. Each time the indicator is run it will create a CSV file name with the instrument name, the day of the week, and the time of day.

Note: If an indicator uses rendered plots, such as Order Flow Volume Profile, no value will be written (except 0). If an indicator on the chart has hidden plots (set to transparent) these will be read and added to the CSV file.

This is more of a diagnostic tool to use when you want to get all of the data in one spreadsheet. Please see the video for a brief display of use and the general formatting you can perform to quickly see the data.


12-14-2021 Critical Operating Note: The indicator must be applied to a live chart (price is moving) in order to trigger its read/write function after the button is pressed.

Created By NinjaTrader_PaulH
NinjaTrader Version 8
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Create Date 12/06/2021
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