ATSQuadroStrategyBase NT8 Strategy Foundation with SampleMACrossover

By popular demand i have been asked to assist many NT8 traders who used to use MicroTrends NinjaTrader 7 trading frameworks - so i feel i really compelled to make a contribution so here it is: Attached: The start of a larger piece of work to come.For NinjaTrader 8 - A generic 4 bracket unmanaged mode strategy base class with MIT open source license.

This is aimed at developers with perhaps advanced skills in NinjaScript- developers who can type and can code, copy and paste, editing is the main skill for most programmers -required to use this. A non advanced coder/trader can still download and import this into NinjaTrader - but Advanced programming skills are required to understand some of the internals.
In my testing this strategy base looks good enough for non stop trading operations trading from sunday to friday etc.

To understand if this was going to be useful or not at this point. I set myself a 5minute goal to write a strategy powered by this Ninjascript and to see it running on a chart and that is the most fun thing i can think for work 😉

So to make life easy i simply saved a copy of the NT8 Strategy SampleMACrossover and edited it, instead of using the @Strategy.cs class it now targets the ATSQuadroStrategyBase as its base class which is derived from the Strategy class you are used to working with..

I plan to make an open source framework with all the bells and whistles later, trade entry and management modules and a trade manager GUI etc..
This is the raw base and so many trader/developers wont understand what to do with it, but there are many out there who will be able to work through it and build their own layers on top.
There will be updates made on GitHub and here.

regretfully i am unable to provide support due to my overwhelming obligations,

#1 I welcome feedback at [email protected] or via or via Github
#2 It could be you are not yet the level of developer/trader who can use this version and so the later versions with a full set of preprogrammed features would be a better fit.
#3 Any reasonable developer charging for services will be able to use this and build from it so there is always that option
#4 Many developers in the forums for sure will be able to use this and collaborate.

In fact collaboration is welcome at:

So there will be futures versions of this with more functionality to come. have fun!

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Create Date 11/10/2020
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