Learn how professional traders utilize NinjaTrader to maximize their trading potential.

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How would your trading change if you knew what institutional traders know? Peter Balla of BuySide Global will demonstrate proprietary software algorithms that allow users to track institutional traders as they submit and modify orders. BuySide Global allows traders to...

Join JB Wells of Drummond Energy Bands, as he shares what he believes to be the 3 most important skills a trader must possess. JB has coached traders in 44 countries around the world using these important skills. He believes...

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Introduction to Woodies ProTrader and Chat Rooms! | October 12, 2017

Woodies CCI Club has been providing helpful analysis tools and education to traders for years. In this video, Tim Pruyn,...

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Reading Charts Like a Pro with Bubba Trading | October 05, 2017

Please join Todd “Bubba” Horwitz, Founder & Chief Market Strategist for Bubba Trading, as he shares his unique methods for...

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Kwik*Pop 6 Consistency for NinjaTrader 7 & 8 | September 28, 2017

Bill Broughman of Kwik*Pop shares the benefits of the Kwik*Pop Consistency Class and various Kwik*Pop trading tools. The Kwik*Pop Consistency...

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Using Volume Supply and Demand Zones in Trading Analysis | September 21, 2017

Learn how Supply and Demand Zones + Volume Analysis software can assist in developing a methodical rule-based trading plan. In...

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