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Where does asymmetric opportunity reside in WTI Crude Futures? In this presentation by Taylor Ireland of Sharedata Futures Analytics, see how Sharedata’s Historical Data Mining Toolset coupled NinjaTrader’s Order Flow+ suite can help you identify asymmetric opportunity and dynamically manage...

In this webinar, Fausto Pugliese will discuss his strategies and techniques for finding and trading big moves in momentum stocks. Fausto’s method can be summed up in four words: follow the smart money. By analyzing chart patterns, time and sales,...

In this webinar, Charles and Gary of Viper Trading Systems will show that it is possible to see beyond the rightmost bar of any chart and predict where the next trade could occur. Many systems and traders overcomplicate things with...

Archived Webinars

Building and Testing Automated Trading Systems with Ruby and BloodHound | October 11, 2018

In this featured presentation, Phil Antonson of Lucrum Trading Systems demonstrates how to develop, implement and execute an automated or...

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Creating a Trading Road Map | October 04, 2018

The goal of every futures trader should be to improve consistency by having an edge in the market. Using a...

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Test Any System Up to 90% Faster | September 27, 2018

In this presentation, Expert Trading Programmers Co-Founder Adrian Tomulet discusses back testing, forward testing and how logging daily trades can...

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Simplicity in Trade Journaling | September 20, 2018

Tired of missing trades? In this presentation, learn about a community of serious traders who now journal efficiently without writing!...

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