Managing Evolutionary Growth in Your Trading


Date: August 01, 2019

Presenter: Mercedes Oestermann van Essen

Company: Mental Strategies for Traders

Have you ever considered the importance of evolution to your trading? Join Mercedes of Mental Strategies for Traders and discover what evolution is and why this knowledge is critical to improving your trading results.

Learn how your mind reacts to chaos and to periods of transition. Mercedes shares two techniques which she provides her private coaching clients to assist them with their trading.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • Discover the nature of evolution and its importance in trading
  • Find out about chaos phases, transition phases & your trading mind
  • Learn the nature of time, resistance and subtle energy
  • Create brain coherence and harmony
  • See two key techniques to manage evolutionary growth in your trading

About Mercedes Oestermann van Essen

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a trader and trading performance coach. She has traded her own account since 2001 and has coached professional and independent traders since 2006.

Trained at Commerz Bank in Germany, Mercedes left her career in banking in favor of studying personal development. She is a certified Reiki Master, Theta Healing practitioner and Advanced EFT practitioner. She studied ZEN, HUNA, energetic NLP and the wisdom traditions before becoming a full-time coach.

She has created a unique meditation technique for traders and teaches how to direct energy with meditation in bespoke groups on line and in house.

Mercedes has worked with military personnel in Germany in seminars and as a performance consultant for entrepreneurs. Since 2006 she has worked exclusively with traders and investors assisting them to improve their mental game, hone their inner vision and become happier & more rounded people.


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