Creating a Trading Road Map


Date: October 04, 2018

Presenter: Gary Ender

Company: Shrewd Trading

The goal of every futures trader should be to improve consistency by having an edge in the market. Using a Road Map composed of technical indicators can provide a unique edge. In this presentation by Gary Ender, Founder and President of Shrewd Trading, see how a valid Road Map can show support, resistance, areas of price energy, and consolidation areas.

In this session, the following topics are covered:

  • Learn the basic elements and advantages of using of Volume Profile
  • See why Volume Profile creates the foundation for a valid trading Road Map
  • Discover how a Road Map shows support, resistance, energy and consolidation areas
  • Find out methods on how to increase trading consistency
  • Understand how non time-based indicators can be very valuable

About Gary Ender

An independent trader and charting expert, Gary Ender first developed an interest in the financial markets in the early 1980s. After years of research, trial & error and extensive back-testing, he developed a system of complementary technical indicators known as Shrewd Trading. Shrewd Trading allows Gary to share his love for the markets and desire to guide others through mentoring, coaching and daily communication.


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