TcF Acelerate Volumen

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The idea of ​​this modified volume indicator arises from the need to know more information about the behavior of the volume. We are all familiar with the standard volume indicator available on any professional trading platform. The volume is represented in the graph with bars and basically tells us the number of contracts that marry the market in a specific time frame.

The volume volume indicator TcF is rather a volume accelerator, that is, the volume is calculated based on n previous periods, in this case it has two previous periods, a fast period (by default 3) and a slow period (by default). default 8) although they are fully customizable. When calculated in this way this generates that sometimes the volume indicator has negative values, obviously there cannot be a negative volume but the way in which this volume is calculated generates that sometimes it is like that, it is very important to note that it is not of a total pure volume if not calculated on the basis of previous periods taking as values ​​the value of the volume at the opening, closing, maximum and minimum of each previous candle.

The operation of this volume indicator is very simple, as mentioned above it is a volume accelerator and the best way to understand it is to imagine the accelerator of a car. When we step on the accelerator of a car, the speed is increasing, that is, the speed is accumulating. We can apply the same logic with this indicator, when the longs or shorts dominate the volume every time is greater and it accumulates until reaching a maximum peak. On the other hand, when we stop stepping on the accelerator, the volume decreases a little and disappears until the car stops, because the same can be applied in this indicator, when the volume stops entering the normal thing is that the price stops and even the volume opposite overlaps the previous volume.

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