This is a variation of the popular jtEconNews2a ->

I have adapted it to my needs, maybe others can use it too. Currently, everything works perfectly, if you have problems, please report.

Biggest changes:

  • Remove all from OnBarUpdate() and put into OnTimerTick(), now the calculations are no longer bar dependent, but time-dependent.
  • Total revision layout and US/non US time format.
  • Alignment now from the upper left chart window (Offset X/Y in pixel adjustable in settings).
  • Button for hiding the news in the menu bar
  • Holidays are now separately selectable.
  • Title may or may not be displayed.
  • Priority for news and alert separately selectable.
  • Priority for the news/alert is now: Only highest, highest and medium, or all together.
  • Fonts and colors can be set.

Update v1.2

  • Implement new Enum for selecting showing news event. Toggle through ⇒ both ⇒ only box ⇒ only lines ⇒ none.
  • Remove OnConnectionUpdate event ⇒ now the news shows also when not connected to a data provider.
  • Fix: When using a time zone (NT internal) other than the system time zone (PC), the News lines were not drawn correctly.
  • Button background color can be selected by the user depending on visibility. Left and right spacing in the taskbar can be set by the user.


  • Add "ZAxis" property, used to assign a unique identifier representing the index in which chart objects are drawn on the chart's Z-axis (front to back ordering).

The *.dll reference files required to use the indicator can be loaded here ⇒

Simply copy the six*.dll into the standard directory BEFORE the *.zip file is imported.

*MyDocuments*>NinjaTrader 8>bin>Custom>Dao.ConcurrentDictionaryLazy.dll
*MyDocuments*>NinjaTrader 8>bin>Custom>System.Management.dll
*MyDocuments*>NinjaTrader 8>bin>Custom>netstandard.dll
*MyDocuments*>NinjaTrader 8bin>Custom>Loyc.Collections.dll
*MyDocuments*>NinjaTrader 8>bin>Custom>Loyc.Essentials.dll
*MyDocuments*>NinjaTrader 8>bin>Custom>Loyc.Interfaces.dll

Important: Only for those who have installed NinjaTrader_Jim`s additional drawing tool called Labeled Lines Drawing Tool

I have already implemented this file in my own file "SidiDrawings.cs". So if a file with the name "LabeledLines.cs" exists in the NT8 folder, please delete it, otherwise there will be an error message during the installation that says that duplicate method names are present.

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